Elle Hermansen Ellemusic was born in the small Canadian town of Strathroy, Ontario, hardly a score ago.

At the early age of 12, she started writing and producing her own music. The quiet countryside didn't offer many distractions, and she spent her time laying down beats and touring with a pop group; touching on greatness, but disbanding before a proper breakthrough.

Her dark and haunting voice echoes love stories and ghostly dreams, transformed into deep and mesmerizing songs. Her first album release, "Love In Composition", was a collection of her favourites among all the songs she's worked on and produced over the years.

At 27 years young, you might witness this old soul with a microphone in one hand and tea-cup in the other. Ellemusic is ready to take on music at a whole new angle, with fresh determination.

Contact: elle@ellemusic.com